How to modify new message alert in outlook?

Outlook is a famous mail oriented platform that is made available by very famous Microsoft. Microsoft makes sure to bring in latest mail oriented applications with its Outlook platform that are all available for its users. Outlook which was prior used as hotmail is now quite an advanced platform available for mail transfer services.

When people have very friendly outlook platform, they hardly prefer any other platform for mail transfer. Outlook is user friendly, enhanced and user oriented platform which is quite easy to use but in case if users still face any issues using any application of outlook they may obtain easy help from Outlook customer service number.

Outlook is surely a user’s platform and it understands that user may feel a need of customized features while at the time of mail exchange in outlook. It is because of this reason it brings some of the amazing features one among which is new message alerts for users. This is an option which will inform users about every new mail even when the mail tab is not open. One can add desktop notification for receiving new message alerts.

This is an easy to apply option in outlook and if one needs to edit this setting in hotmail with easy help, they can obtain this help from outlook contact number uk.

How to add notification alert for new message in outlook?

If you wish to receive notification as soon as you receive new message in outlook follow these message notification steps in outlook:

  1. Get to your outlook account.
  2. Get to account setting.
  3. Select mail option.
  4. Here get to desktop alert setting.
  5. Now you need to check or uncheck the boxes that appear here.
  6. You can choose to click checkbox to receive notification on message arrival and uncheck the box so as to not receive any notification.
  7. Click save.
  8. Click ok.

This will help you manage new mails in outlook. When you can get notification about new mails as per your need in hotmail, it will help you stay up to date and you will never miss any important mail by any chance. The process of settings new message alerts is really easy in outlook but in case when you do not understand how this is to be done, you can obtain easy help from outlook phone number.

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