How to protect Hotmail account from hackers

Email accounts are used to send important letters to your bank or important person for anything from personal emails to professionals. Email accounts are quite crucial for users this is because it does not only a way to send and receive mails but also saves useful information of users.


There exist many people online who have nothing better in their lives than looking for money, fun, or personal reasons in other people’s emails. When such hackers exist on online platforms, it can threaten your privacy and even your life on an extreme scale. It is thus important to maintain your own security with help from hotmail customer service number.


How to protect Hotmail account from hackers
How to protect Hotmail account from hackers



Hotmail’s security measures are important. Here are some precautions to protect your email:


  1. Create a powerful key. For other things, a good password is hard to guess, but easy to remember. To keep your Facebook and email account safe, keep your username protected and always sign out to prevent accessing your Facebook and email accounts by others.
  2. Have an email address that is confusing. This isn’t so you’ll forget it, but by your name nobody else can guess it.
  3. Have a password that is secure. Passwords are available to protect your account; we’d be lost without passwords. Make sure you have a complicated password; don’t use your name or your name. There are tips which can help you keep secured password for your hotmail account. You can obtain easy help for this from hotmail support number uk.  
  4. Secure your computer. If your device is mobile and uses no antivirus software and is not used by you alone, your email address and password are at risk.
  5. Note that your confidential information is your own email ID and username. No employee of any organization will ever ask you in an unsolicited phone call or email address for your username.
  6. Contact help with hacking. Please contact the relevant agency immediately if you are a victim of such a scenario.
  7. Don’t share a password with you. If you’re ever asked in an unsolicited manner for your username or someone you don’t think you’re a Hotmail member.
  8. Change the questions about safety and answer them wisely. The response to a good security question.


These are some of the tips which can help you stay safe and secured over hotmail. If you need help for the same, you may contact hotmail technical support number.

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